How To Make Puppy Potty Training Easier

Having a new member like a puppy in your home and family might become good news and bad news at the same time. If you are able to take care and give the puppy proper training then this will be good news; you, family members and the puppy will be happy together. On the other side, if you just want to have a puppy without further action to take care and train it, your puppy will grow up into destructive adult dog and will ruin your life and all family members will be mad at both of you.

The first thing you need to do when having a puppy is to train it how to behave and make routine schedule for puppy to eat, potty, sleep, play and training. Puppies are animals that loved to be organized and happy for it. Not only the time is needed to be scheduled but also the spot where to eat, sleep and potty need to be designate. Family members also need to be taught how to treat the dog properly and help to do the training according to the schedule. If other family members treat the puppy differently, it will make the puppy confused to choose which rules to be followed and the training will be wasted.

The housebreaking puppy training is never an easy task, but with consistency and patience, you can go through it well. You must remember, train a puppy is not an instant job, you must treat your puppy as your own child then you will do and give the best for him. The most important training maybe the potty training. Puppy can only hold their need to do potty just about his age plus one hour. So you need to create a good habit of dog potty as soon as possible to prevent the dog pee anywhere in your house for the rest of your life.

In dog potty training some accidents should be happened but you don’t have to get mad about that. Just clean it up without letting the puppy know it, because sometimes when puppy sees their master cleaning his mess, he could eat the mess to cover his fault and we don’t want this to be happened. When cleaning the mess you must use the odor neutralizer to make sure the odor is gone so puppy won’t go potty at the same place again. Keep puppy training tips in mind that puppies don’t know the difference between the good or bad place to go potty, they just do it anywhere they like to, so it is our job to designate the place for them.

Although puppies never care about the place to do potty, they have the natural instinct not to mess their sleeping area. So use this as your advantages point in potty training. Make the whole place of your house as his bedding area and put puppy training pads on the area you plan to be his toilet area. With this puppy training pads potty training will become much easier, this training pads have an odor that can encourage the puppy to do potty on it and the pad is easy to clean and also available in disposable type.

Actually dog potty training is simple, let the puppy play most of the day at the place we consider as the sleeping area for it and bring him out to go potty at the time that in the schedule which you have made before in the spot we consider as toilet area and don’t forget to put the puppy training pads. This also include in the midnight time you need to wake up to take him go potty, usually twice or more every night depending on the age of puppy.

Using verbal command like “go potty” before and the praising word like “good potty” after the dog potty session finish will make better result in dog potty training. Just repeat this training and soon your puppy will develop the good dog potty habit. Last thing to remember, you must never use physical punishment to do any training on your dog, this will only make the dog or puppy afraid of and mistrust you. Be patience and you will get the best from your effort.

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